Seed ball technology was rediscovered by Japanese natural farming pioneer Masanobu Fukuoka. Seedball also known as Earth ball consist of seeds rolled within in a ball of soil and organic matter to help germination.

Our smart seed ball coating technology

Organic solution Inc developed the world's first seed coating technology which helps the seed ball to germinate much faster In any adverse condition with higher growth conversation ratio compare to manual plantation.

Plants & Trees play a crucial role in maintaining balance in the ecosystem. But, modernisation, urbanisation, population expansion, etc. have led to global warming & deforestation. To counter this, organic solution inc team of experts invented a seed ball which provide organic biological fertiliser to the seed for more then 6 months & help them grow in any adverse conditions.

Seed bombing

Seed bombing is the practice of introducing mass reforestation to land by throwing or dropping seed balls via drones or Aeroplan. It is used in modern aerial seed bombing, seed monitoring and traceability with the help of artificial intelligence.

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