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Crop SIL

is stabilized silicic acid used to supercharge your spray medium by creating a silicic acid working solution. By adding a small amount of CropSIL to your water, you can improve the performance of watering and foliar spraying your crops. CropSIL also optimizes all other inputs in a tank mix allowing for a reduction in the usage of chemical inputs.

With a super charged solution, plants build stronger cell walls, larger more erect leaves with increased chlorophyll production and increased root mass that will optimize the improved uptake of nutrients, leading to more natural vigor and an increased resistance to stress. Therefore, the need for copious amounts of fertility and protective chemical inputs that also damage and toxify our environment is greatly reduced. Thus, enabling plants and crops to grow in a more natural way to produce healthier and sustainable outcomes.


  • * Stabilized Plant Available Silicon
  • * Stable for more than 4 years in original packaging
  • * Can be tank mixed with other inputs or used on its own
  • * Does not need to be pH buffered before use
  • * Certified as organic input
  • * Non-toxic
  • * Easy to Use
  • * Boosts germination
  • * Boosts germination
  • * Improves photosynthesis
  • * Monitors uptake of water and nutrients
  • * Improves soil condition
  • * Enhances yield and profit
  • * Extends post-harvest shelf & transit life of produce

Crop Care protect

It is a natural pesticide based on a unique blend of plant essential oils. Crop Care protect is an extremely affective organic nontoxic mite and pest control technology. Organic Non-Toxic Plant extracts and Enzyme-based Pest/Mite/Insect Averter is a contact killer and averter, prevent pests and mites from destroying crops. Eco-Cert certified as an organic pesticide, Crop Care Protect is extremely effective on flying and non-flying pests and mites. Like mites, mealy bugs, aphids, white fly, trips, tea mosquito or Heliopolis. Highly effective at low dosage and does not leave any harmful residues, totally safe for use on crops even during harvest.

Crop Care Bio-Life

It is a unique formulation Humic & silicon very effective for pulse and grains. Our foliar and soil treatment program not only improves the plants overall health but also activates the microbiological complex that improves soil properties like texture, water-holding capacity, caution exchange capacity and many other parameter.

Crop Care Advance

Crop Care Advance is beneficial nutrient and growth enhancer. Which is natural silica acid bored useful as a foliar spray for vegetables, rice, fruits maize etc.