ORGANIC SOLUTION INC a Climate Tech Platform created with a vision to empower farmers, agribusiness, government, and development agencies by enabling decision-making at the grass-root level. ORGANIC SOLUTION INC. committed team of Technologists and Agriculture professionals include business analysts and management with experience in diverse industry sectors. Integrated AI/ML Driven Platform
The full-stack state-of-the-art platform comes with its own farmer and field manager-centric mobile application to actively track and manage the farm activities. The platform combines the on-field data with the Satellite-based remote sensing information, applies Artificial Intelligence technologies to build a wholistic picture of the farm and crop. All the intelligence generated is accessible through a comprehensive Web Dashboard for decision making and to drive activities. The platform uses open-API architecture to connect with external providers, opening up access for the farmers to other markets for inputs and outputs.
R&D team and advanced remote sensing and AI/ML Technology backed by ground data provides advanced level decision tools and impact monitoring parameters to business, policymakers, and various institutions. ORGANIC SOLUTION INC. ensures security across the platform through data encryption, security controls and regular assessments to protect the entire infrastructure from external threats.


  • Digitisation for Precision Farm Management
  • Farmers can easily digitise the farm using the mobile application.
  • The platform enhances this information by combining data from Satellite, IoT devices, Drones etc. to facilitate Precision Farming at the farm level.
  • This helps improve the efficiency, productivity and profitability of their farmlands from pre- to post-cultivation.
  • Remote sensing and AI/ML
  • The platform tracks the historical and current farm data through satellite and combines artificial intelligence to provide specialist advice and deeper insights about the farm.
  • In addition to this, the platform can integrate with the drone devices to provide a comprehensive map for the various farm activities.
  • Quality and Appropriate inputs
  • The platform will determine the relevant inputs such as seeds, fertilisers, pesticides etc. needed for each stage of the crop growth and recommends the appropriate application map to optimise the use of inputs and in turn, the costs for the farmer.
  • Improved Credit & Insurance Access
  • ORGANIC SOLUTION INC. employs Artificial intelligence to convert the historical growth/harvest information from remote sensing into a Crop-Risk score.
  • This helps the farmers secure better credit and insurance services.

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